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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

How many ads for hair treatments and repair products do you see on the daily? I see so many! The scary thing is, most products advertised have Mineral Oil, Parabens, Sulfates, and other toxic ingredients listed on their packaging that can lead to your hair thinning out overtime. In a world where so many people have access to "Fast Beauty"products, most goods in this category are not only detrimental to your hair, but also harmful for the environment. In my opinion, investing in clean, sustainable hair care and beauty products (the right ones) is life-changing. It sounds dramatic, but here's my perspective: From the age of zero to eighteen, I had always used drugstore-brand shampoos and conditioner. I mean, what could be so bad about that? It's affordable, the products always smell great, and it was all I had ever known. I began studying at the Aveda Institute where sustainability, natural hair care, and ingredient knowledge was touched on often! I am so grateful to have familiarized myself with the effects of "Fast Beauty" products the versus natural and sustainable alternatives. Taking classes on how certain chemicals and ingredients can harm your hair and the Earth was extremely eye-opening for me. I've been using clean hair care products for over 4 years now and the difference I have seen in my hair growth, appearance, and health is incredible. There are many hair brands that seem too pricey, but there's also so many others that are on the more affordable side, and can still give you the results you desire. Some of my favorite brands include Davines, Kevin Murphy, and Unite. Despite these brands being at a higher price point than any drugstore products, the difference in quality makes it so worth it. Mindfulness of what you're buying and putting into your hair is an great step in improving your hair and meeting your goals!

Want to hear something surprising? Having healthy eating habits, washing your hair every four or so days, working out regularly, using the right hair care products, etc., can positively affect how your hair lifts with lightener (bleach). Learning to take care of your body will make all the difference for your hair health! Although all of these practices may feel overwhelming, you can apply them to your routine slowly but surely. These steps can truly make a big difference in hair appearance and health. More importantly, healthy habits create a better you. Don't get me wrong, it takes time to have amazing hair and to build healthy habits, it's a learning process, and I am still learning myself! These routines can aid in faster hair growth, especially washing your hair every four days or less.

Learn how to train your hair: One tip I love to give clients when they're beginning to train their hair is NEVER use any helper-products such as a root spray or dry shampoo. Allowing your hair to adjust to the oils that develop on the scalp is going to give you better results, and quicker! Within a month or so, you should start to see your hair becoming less and less oily between washes. My hair used to get oily every night, so I did what anyone else would do: I was washing my hair every day. This is a very common practice for women (especially women with fine hair), but I do not recommend this at all. Training your hair takes time, so remember to be patient! You can start by washing every other day if you currently do it every day. Try to stretch your wash cycle by one day each time, and eventually you can get into the routine of only washing your hair once every four or so days. This practice is especially great for clients who lighten their natural hair and have a toner applied. The less you wash your hair, the longer your color will last! Personally after training my own hair, I have noticed that it grows quicker and is healthier overall.

Lets circle back to product/ingredient mindfulness. Have you ever heard of the brand Olaplex? I'm sure you have! It is a super popular hair care and hair repair brand among professionals and clients alike. Throughout the years, I have noticed that my clients who tend to buy this brand always have dry-looking hair. I had a client once who was using their daily shampoo and conditioner, but was experiencing dryness and breakage. This was never an issue for her until she began using the product. It is advertised as a daily shampoo/conditoner so you wouldn't think the formula would be too overpowering for the hair. Wrong! In my opinion, these products are just too strong for your hair (even the daily shampoos and conditioners), and should only be used and applied by a professional in salon. I do believe in the formulas they use, but I personally don't recommend clients applying any hair masks or treatments more than once every 2-3 months. It is possible to over-proteinize and over-moisturize the hair!

You CAN have the hair of your dreams and following a few of these steps above will definitely get you on the right track. Remember: baby steps - you got this! For more information on products and where to buy them, please visit my blog post titled "Favorite Hair Care Products 2022"!

<3 Jasmin

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