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Package Info: All packages include (if desired): toner, root tap/smudge/shadow, a money piece (bright face-framed highlights), lowlights, a relaxing head massage, blow out, curls, complimentary wine/hard seltzer (21+), and other beverages/snacks! 

All hair transformations take 3.5 hours max to complete. (Timing may vary for corrective color)

Please Visit the FAQ tab for information on how to book. See you soon!


Full Refresh Package

Starting at $260

A full refresh is aimed toward guests who have received a lightening service in the past three months, and who would like to refresh/bring up that existing color. 

 This technique involves more dimension when compared to a total hair transformation. This technique is not recommended for someone who wants to be as blonde as possible in one given session.


Full Blonding Package

Starting at $290

This service involves more dimension when compared to a total hair transformation. This is perfect for guests who would like to be brighter overall, but are still desiring dimension. For guests who would like to be as bright as possible in one given session, see 'Total Hair Transformation' below.

IMG_7958 3_edited.jpg

Total Hair Transformation Package

Starting at $330

This package is perfect for any client that desires as much lightness as possible in one given session. Receiving this service will save you a few sessions in my chair, as I am adding double the amount of foils when being compared to the Full Blonding service. I use multiple techniques to achieve an overall blonde look! Tip-outs/Wet Balayage are included in this service package if desired. (More info below) This is not a traditional highlight** This service includes a tip-out/wet balayage, root shadow/smudge, toner, and blow out. A tip-out/wet balayage would pair nicely with this service, to ensure as much brightness as possible. (Tip-out: Lightning any hair that is left out of the foils for added brightness) (Wet Balayage: The ends of your hair are lightened at the bowl using a balayage technique. This ensures extra brightness for your hair, and a few extra levels of lift) 


Keratin Fusion / Tape-In Extensions

Starting at $90 Per Bundle of Hair Installed

This service comes with a keratin fusion or Tape-In extension (install only)! *Priced per bundle of hair installed* (Client usually needs 1-5 bundles of hair) 

Tape-In Pricing:

Install: 1 pack: $110 (price does not include hair)

2+ packs: $90 per pack installed (price does not include hair)

**Each pack (bundle) of tape-in extensions range from $200-$250 per pack (16"-24" lengths) 1-3 packs are normally needed for a tape-in install. Tape-ins last up to 18 months if taken care of properly. Move-ups are recommended every 6-8 weeks.

Keratin Fusion Pricing:

Install: 1-2 packs: $150 per pack installed (price does not include hair) 

Install: 3+ packs: $100 per pack installed (discounted) (price does not include hair).

**Each pack (bundle) of k-tip extensions range from $80-$130 per pack (16"-24" lengths) K-tip hair lasts for 3-6 months and is NOT reusable. 


Lived-In Blonding or Balayage


 Starting at $280

Lived-In blonding is best for guests who want to maintain a soft appearance to their hair, even as it grows out. (Natural Blonde Look) This service includes a root melt, toner, and blow out.

Balayage is a freehand technique and is best for any client that prefers a natural looking (lighter) hair color, and a softer, less noticeable grow-out. This service includes a toner and blow out.


Partial Blonding Package


Partial lightening is great for any guest that has previously lightened hair, and doesn't want to commit to a full blonding service. This service comes with a partial highlight, balayage, or lived-in technique.


Low Maintainance Blonding Package

Starting at $180

Low maintenance blonding accentuates the front pieces of your hair, creating a luxury, dimensional design. A color melt (which creates a more gradual transition and seamlessly brings everything together) is recommended and included if desired. This service comes with face-framing highlights, a color melt, toner, and a blow dry. Pricing varies based on amount of product used.


Reverse Balayage

Starting at $200

A reverse balayage is great for any guest that is feeling too blonde, is desiring lowlights/ dimension, but who still wants to preserve some lightness throughout their hair. This service comes with a reverse balayage (no bleach is used in this service unless requested) and a blow dry. Pricing varies based on amount of product used.


Corrective Color Package (Priced Per Hour)

 $110 per hour

A color correction is required for some guests (for example), if you have any pre-existing box dye, store-bought color (even temporary dyes), henna, and/or some professional permanent colors. Most corrections can take 3.5 - 5 hours or more depending on hair history. This service includes a root smudge/shadow if desired, a toner, and blow out.


Root Bump (Add On)


Root bumps are applied to the root, and offer a few levels of lift (lightening) to your natural root. When paired with a foiling service, it can give the appearance of a lighter natural root color, and can make for an softer root grow out. This service is perfect for guests who would like to look brighter overall, but who still wants to maintain some dimension.
"Natural Blonde" Look


Tip-Out / Wet Balayage (Add On)


**Tip-out Definition: Lightening any hair that is left out of the foils for added brightness.
**Wet Balayage: Performed at the shampoo bowl on wet hair, (after foiling); lightens the ends of your hair by a few levels.
(Tip-out is included in Total Hair Transformation package)
This technique is best for clients that want their hair to be as bright as possible in one given session.


Gloss / Toner

Starting at $90

This service includes a toner and blow out. If a root smudge/shadow is desired, pricing may vary!



Starting at $70 

(Promo Available)

This service comes with a full haircut and a blow dry. 
**Promotion: I offer haircuts for just $30 when also receiving a lightening service! Haircuts are recommended every 8-12 weeks :)


All Over Color

Starting at $190

An all over color is best for anyone who would like to go darker, or for a client who desires grey coverage. (This service does not include bleach and is different than a toner) Color is applied on dry hair to ensure more richness of color, less fading of color.  This service comes with an all over color and a blow dry. Pricing varies based on amount of product used.

Image by Scandinavian Biolabs

Add On: Conditioning Treatment

Starting at $20

Choose between a variety of hair masks and treatments, depending on what your hair is craving! This is an add on service.

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